Pilgrim Psalms (10)

As the pilgrims arrived at Jerusalem, they sang these last three psalms about the temple and Jerusalem.
In Psalm 132, the pilgrims sang about the temple. “Now, let’s go to the Lord’s house. Let’s worship at his throne” (verse 7). Psalm 133 talks about how good it was for God’s people to come together to worship. Verse 1 says, “Oh, how wonderful, how pleasing it is when God’s people all come together as one!” And Psalm 134 is an encouragement to praise God.
I love to get together with other Christians and worship God. We sing together, pray together and work together — just like the Jewish pilgrims did on their journey.
Look for ways to be with other Christians — Bible studies, worship services, prayer meetings and fellowship dinners. Worship and praise God in every part of your life!