Pilgrim Psalms (2)

When a pilgrim traveled to Jerusalem, he would say that he was “going up to Jerusalem.” That’s because the city of Jerusalem was on Mount Zion. It was the highest place in the area. So all travelers would walk to higher ground so they could reach Jerusalem.
As a traveler walked, he would look up at the hills ahead. He realized that his true help came from God. In our Bible Reading we can see several things that God does. First, He helps us (verse 2). Second, God will not let us fall (verse 3). Third, He protects us (verse 4). Finally, God stands by our side (verse 5).
In those few verses we learn that God protects us and helps us. Those words must have comforted the Jews as they traveled to Jerusalem. And these words can encourage us every day. Remember that no matter what you face today, God will be with you to help and protect you.