Pilgrim Psalms (3)

Psalms 122 and 131 are two of the pilgrim songs that were written by David. These psalms give us hope and encouragement.
Psalm 122:1 says, “I was happy when the people said, ‘Let us go to the Lord’s Temple.’” Here David talked about the joy he felt when he went to Jerusalem and worshiped God in the temple. Then in verse 8, David said, “For the good of my family and neighbors, I pray that there will be peace here.” David prayed that there will be peace among God’s people. In Psalm 131:3 David said, “…trust in the Lord. Trust in him now and forever!”
I wonder if we are like David. Are we happy and excited to worship God and fellowship with other Christians? Do we pray that God will help our brothers and sisters in Christ find peace? Do we really trust God to take care of us each day?
Think about David’s words as you gather with other Christians to worship God.