Pilgrim Psalms (5)

As the pilgrims traveled to Jerusalem, they asked a question from Psalm 124:1. “What would have happened to us if the Lord had not been on our side?”
In this psalm, perhaps David is thinking about how God saved the Israelites from the Egyptian army. Exodus, chapter 14, tells us how God parted the Red Sea so the Israelites could walk across on dry land. Then God closed the waters, and the Egyptian army was drowned.
I remember a time when God was on my side. I was seven months pregnant, and my young son was with me. We were driving down a rural road. The car hit something hidden on the side of the road. The car slid across the road and hit a telephone pole. I had some injuries, but my son and my unborn baby were fine.
God will be with you today, leading you and protecting you. Praise Him for His love and care!