Pilgrim Psalms (9)

Psalm 130 is a prayer asking God for help. Verse 1 says, “Lord, I am in deep trouble, so I am calling to you for help.” Maybe the Jewish pilgrims sang this prayer as they traveled to Jerusalem and faced dangers along the way.
I remember a time when I called out to God for help. When I was in college, I went to my roommate’s home over Thanksgiving break. The morning we planned to return to college, the weatherman said that a snow storm was coming through the state.
The sun was shining when we left. But then my car broke down. It took a couple of hours to fix my car. By the time we started driving again, it had started snowing and the roads were slick. Soon we were creeping down the interstate behind a long line of cars. I kept calm and prayed and asked God to keep us safe. God answered my prayer, and we arrived back at college safely.
Thank God today that He takes care of you and answers your prayers. —