Pink Mohave*

A deadly snake called the Pink Mohave rattlesnake lives in the desert of the southwestern United States. It has two hollow teeth that act like needles when it bites. The poison flowing through these teeth is called venom. A person who is bitten by this snake will become seriously ill or even die.
Sometimes our words or signs are like poison. The person who hears our words or sees our signs is wounded. We may use poisonous words/signs when we are angry or when we want to hurt someone by calling them names. Many people are emotionally wounded by poisonous words/signs. Some people never heal from these kinds of wounds.
Psalm 140:3 says, “Their tongues are like poisonous snakes. It is like snake poison is under their tongue.” We don’t want our words to be like snake poison! We don’t want our words/signs to hurt anyone. We can avoid hurting someone with our words/signs by keeping our minds and hearts pure.
Ask God to help you use words and signs that will please Him.