Place of Birth

I stared at the form in front of me. The first blank asked for my name. My name shows my family background. The next blank wanted my age. My age shows how long I have lived on earth. The last blank was for my place of birth. This shows where I have my citizenship.
Verse 6 of today’s Bible Reading says, “God keeps a list about all his people. God knows where each person was born.” God has a plan for where each of us will be born. He had a purpose for His Son, Jesus, to be born in Bethlehem. And God had a purpose for Paul to be born in Tarsus. Because of that, Paul was a Roman citizen who could travel freely around the Roman Empire, telling people about Jesus.
When we become Christians, we are born again. Then we have a new place of birth. We are born into a new life and become part of God’s family. Our citizenship is in heaven where we will live forever. Thank God today for making you one of His children.