Place of Safety

Every day I pray for my children. They are grown now and don’t live with me. I don’t know specifically what to pray each day for them, but I always ask God to help them, bless them and keep them safe.
Recently I realized that God had answered my prayer of safety for one of my sons. He is an ambulance driver. One morning he was driving a patient to the hospital. All of a sudden, the semi-truck in front of him exploded. My son was able to steer clear of the burning truck and keep himself, his crew member and the patient safe. God answered my prayer that day!
Verse 3a of our Bible Reading says, “Be my fortress, the home I can run to for safety. You are my Rock, my place of safety.” God is strong and powerful like a rock. God always knows what is best for us. He will always pay attention to our prayers.
Pray for your family members and friends today. Ask God to keep them safe.