Plans for 2015 (1)

On New Year’s Day, many people make plans for the coming year. Right now I am thinking about what I can do for God during 2015. Today and for the next two days we will read some wise words from Moses, Paul and Peter. These verses will help us learn what we can do for God this year.
Our Bible verses today are what we usually call the “Ten Commandments.” God told Moses these commands, and then Moses shared them with the Israelites. Even though these commands are from the Old Testament, they are still important for Christians today.
When you read these commands, you will notice that the first four talk about our relationship with God, and the last six talk about our relationship with other people. If we follow these commands during 2015, we will be closer to God and have better relationships with our family and friends.
What will you do for God in 2015?