Playing House

Maybe you remember playing house when you were a child. One child was the mommy, another child was the daddy and the rest were brothers and sisters. Children for many years have enjoyed playing house.
Sometimes a father will even build a playhouse for his children. Maybe it will be made out of cardboard boxes. Or maybe it will be built high in a tree. But no matter what kind of playhouse it is, the children have fun playing in a house made just for them.
In the beginning, God created a special place for Adam and Eve to live. Our Bible Reading tells us how wonderful the garden of Eden was. But Adam and Eve chose to sin. So God made them leave the beautiful garden and live in a world of sin.
Many years later, God sent Jesus to die and accept the punishment for our sins. When we trust and obey Jesus, we have the promise of another wonderful home. This new home will be with God, and it will be forever. I hope that you are following Jesus and that you are excited about your new home with Him.