Please God

Someone gave me a tie wrapped in a box from a very expensive store in New York City. I did not think that I needed such an expensive tie, so I took the tie back to the store for a refund.
The sales clerk at the store carefully examined the tie. Then he showed me that it was not a tie from their store. It was a very cheap tie that had been put in their box. The person who gave it to me wanted me to think that it was an expensive tie!
Many things in the world today look fun and exciting. But when we do those things we realize that the excitement is only temporary. The things that God wants us to do give us deep joy that lasts forever.
In our Bible verses today, Jeremiah gives us an example of people who followed “worthless idols” (verse 5b). These idols may have looked beautiful and expensive. But instead, the people should have been worshiping the one true God.
Be very careful to do things that will please God and give you His eternal joy!