Pleasing Prayers

Sometimes I hear people pray for things that they want. They tell God that they want to sell their house or that they want good weather for their Caribbean vacation.
Selling a house or going on a vacation are good things. But we should not tell God what to do. And we should not be selfish in our prayers. Verse 14a of our Bible Reading gives us a good guideline for our prayers. The writer says, “May my words and thoughts please you.”
When we pray, our words and signs should be pleasing to God. Our prayers should include praising God, confessing our sins, giving thanks to God and asking for His help. But we need to make sure that our prayers are not just a list of things that we want.
You have an opportunity to pray today. You may pray for people who are ill or grieving. Or you may pray for help in making decisions in your life. Let God change your attitude and improve your relationship with Him through your prayers today.