Plenty of Water

One summer we planted a big garden. In most of the garden, we planted different kinds of vegetable seeds. But in one corner of the garden, I planted some marigold seeds.
We hooked up a hose with a rotating sprinkler so we could water the garden. But even when the hose was turned off, there was still a small drip of water that fell on the marigold seeds.
That summer was very hot and dry. We watered the garden when we could, but we did not have as many vegetables as we had hoped for. But the marigolds were tall and beautiful. Why? Those steady drops of water gave the marigolds plenty of moisture to help them grow.
Our Bible Reading reminds us that a tree by a stream of water will grow strong and tall. In the same way, if we are reading God’s Word and talking to Him every day, we will be spiritually strong.