On our family farm, we have chickens for eggs, cows for milk and a garden to give us vegetables and fruit to eat. In the fall time, I plow the garden with my tractor to prepare for new plants in the spring. When I plow, I am reminded of Luke 9:62. “Jesus said, ‘Anyone who begins to plow a field but looks back is not prepared for God’s kingdom.’”

In that verse Jesus talked about people who are willing to follow Him, no matter what happens to them. I did not understand that verse until I started plowing my garden. As I plowed, I sometimes looked back to make sure I was plowing the right way. But when I looked back, I became distracted. I stopped plowing straight ahead and started plowing to the right or to the left.

When we decide to follow Jesus, we need to focus on Him every day. Things in the world may distract us from following and obeying Jesus. But we should not worry about things that have happened in our past or make excuses why we cannot follow Him.

Keep focused on Jesus today. You can always depend on Him to lead you the right way.