Poured Out

Before I brush my teeth, I pour mouthwash into the plastic top from the bottle. I set it carefully on the bathroom counter. One morning my hand hit the plastic top and mouthwash poured out onto the counter. I didn’t spill the mouthwash on purpose. It was an accident.

The night before Jesus was crucified, He shared a meal with his twelve disciples. Jesus took some bread, broke it and told His disciples that the bread was His body. Then Jesus took a cup of wine and gave it to the disciples. In Matthew 26:28, Jesus told them about the wine. “This wine is my blood, which will be poured out to forgive the sins of many and begin the new agreement from God to his people.”

The very next day, Jesus did exactly what He said He would do! Jesus was hung on a cross. Blood poured out of His body. Jesus sacrificed His life for us so that our sins can
be forgiven. This didn’t happen by accident. Jesus gave up His life on purpose for you and me. Because of this, we can have forgiveness and live forever with Him.

Think about Jesus’ death today. And thank Him that He died on purpose for you!