Powerful Prayer

As I arrived at the hospital, I thought about all the things that could happen during my surgery. But I knew that people from my church and friends around the world were praying for me. As I thought about the power of prayer, God’s peace surrounded me and comforted me.
Later that day, I was taken to surgery. There were many things that could go wrong, but not one of them happened. I was even able to go home that same day. I was tired and sore, but the surgery had been successful. When I got home, I cried tears of joy and thanks.
In our Bible Reading, James gives lots of advice for Christians. Verses 13 and 14 talk about praying for people who are sick or having troubles. My family and friends prayed for me, and God answered their prayers.
Remember that prayer is a powerful thing. Pray for someone today who is sick or hurting. God will answer your prayers according to His will.