Praise and Thank God

Our Bible Reading tells us about the shepherds. I try to imagine what it was like for the shepherds that night. Maybe the sheep were asleep. The shepherds were carefully watching to make sure no wild animals came close to the flock.
Suddenly an angel appeared to the shepherds. God’s glory shone around them. And the shepherds were afraid! But the angel told them, “Do not be afraid” (verse 10b). Soon many other angels joined the first angel. Together they praised God and said, “Praise God in heaven, and on earth let there be peace to the people that please God” (verse 14). That must have been amazing!
The shepherds went right away to Bethlehem to see the baby. Then they went back to their sheep. But they didn’t forget about what they had seen. Verse 20 tells us that they praised and thanked God for what they had seen and heard.
We need to be praising and thanking God, too. Take time today to praise and thank God for Jesus, the Savior of the world!