Praise and Thanks

When my grandson was two years old, he would sometimes greet me with these words, “Go home, Grandma!” A few years later, when he saw me, he would say, “Do you have any gum, Grandma?” As my grandson becomes older, his words to me change.
Before we were Christians, we may have said to God, “Go away. I don’t want You in my life.” Then after we became Christians, our prayers might have been only asking God to give us things. But, if we want to be mature Christians, our prayers should be filled with praise and thanks to God.
As my grandson grows older, his conversation becomes more mature. In the same way, as we grow in Christ, we should say/sign more praises and thanks to God. Our Bible verses encourage us to share our praises with God.
Think about your prayer life today. Are your prayers just a list of things you want God to give you? Be sure that your prayers give praise and thanks to God for all He has done for you!