Praise God (1)

Soon in the United States, we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day. So I thought it would be good to talk about praising God. When I looked up the word ?praise? in the dictionary, I found several meanings. One meaning I found was ?worship.?
Our Bible Reading today tells us about when the devil tried three times to get Jesus to sin. One time the devil wanted Jesus to bow down and worship him. In Luke 4:8b, Jesus told the devil, ?It is written in the Scriptures: ?You must worship the Lord your God. Serve only him!?? Jesus knew that He should only worship the one true God. Only God is worthy of our praise and worship.
Jesus also knew that God had commanded people to worship only Him. In Exodus 20:3, God said, ?You must not worship any other gods except me.? If we want to obey God, we should only worship Him.
It is easy for us to worship God. Why? Because He is so awesome and wonderful. When we think about all God has done for us, we are full of joy and praise.