Praise God!

Are you excited to praise God? Do you sing or sign with joy when you praise God? When you go to church, are there a lot of smiles on people’s faces as they praise God?
Psalm 103 is a very exciting song that David sang to God! David knew that God deserved to be praised with much excitement. In verse 1, David said, “My soul, praise the Lord! Every part of me, praise his holy name!”
There are many reasons why David praised God. David praised God because God is kind. God forgives all our sins. He heals us from our sicknesses. God blesses us with plenty of things. He is fair. God is patient and full of love. He knows all about us. God will continue to love us forever and ever!
Wow! Amazing! God is an awesome God. He deserves all of our praise, our joy and our smiles. Take time today to praise Him with all of your heart!