Praise God

In the last two verses of the book of Jude, we read many wonderful things about God. These things should lead us to praise our awesome God.
Verse 24 tells us three things that God does for us. First, He is strong and keeps us strong. Second, He forgives our sins and makes us clean. And third, God gives us great joy. Praise God!
Then verse 25 tells us more wonderful things about God. God is the only God, and He saves us. God has glory, greatness, power and authority. And He has always been and will continue forever. Wow – more things to praise God for!
Maybe you have a busy day planned for today. You may be going to work, shopping, working around your house or helping a family member or friend. Through all your activities today, don’t forget to stop and praise God for who He is. Think about these verses and give thanks to God.