Praise God

In our Bible Reading today, we learn about God’s character. He is a loving God, and we need to praise and worship Him. We know God is loving because He sent His only Son, Jesus, to die for us.
Verse 10 says, “You are great and do amazing things. You and you alone are God.” God is awesome, and He is truly the only God. I am comforted when I remember that God is eternal — He always has been and will continue forever.
Verses 11 and 12 tell us that we need to worship and praise God. Praising God should be something that we do all day, not just when we pray or when we go to church. Finally, verse 15 tells us that God is merciful. Through His mercy, God offers us His forgiveness and gift of eternal life.
Take time today to stop and praise God. He has saved us, and we should thank Him for that.