Praise God (3)

I believe one reason for praising God is His wonderful love for us. In the Bible we can read about the many ways God shows us His love.
1 John 3:1a tells us about God?s love. ?The Father (God) has loved us so much! This shows how much he loved us: We are called children of God.? You and I are God?s children! Another way God shows us His love is by paying attention to our prayers. In Psalm 17:6 David said, ?Every time I called to you, God, you answered me. So listen to me now.?
God truly showed how much He loves us by sending His Son, Jesus, to die for us. God knew that all people needed a way to forgive their sins. So He sent Jesus to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins. That is so wonderful that I almost don?t believe it! God?s love is more than I can understand.
Praise God for His wonderful love today. Thank Him for showing His love by sending Jesus.