Praise God (4)

Each day we see things around us that God made. Genesis, chapter 1, tells us about God making the world for us. God made people, too. God made you and me. That makes us very special!
Often in the summer people go on vacations. Sometimes they travel to new places. These people see different things that God has made: mountains, forests, oceans, lakes and deserts.
But we do not need to go away from our homes to see what God has made. We can look at the clouds, the sun, the moon and the stars. We see these things every day. We can also see flowers and trees that God has made. God made different kinds of weather, too ? rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, snow, sunshine ? for us to enjoy.
Today is Thanksgiving Day. Be sure to take time to look around you. Notice the wonderful things that God has made. Then praise and thank Him for what He has given to you.