Praise God

our Bible Reading, Nehemiah began his prayer by praising God. “Lord, God of Heaven, you are the great and powerful God. You are the God who keeps his agreement of love with people that love you and obey your commands.” In verse 10, Nehemiah praised God again.
Nehemiah was really discouraged and concerned. He could have started his prayer by telling God all his problems. Instead, Nehemiah began his prayer by praising God. He praised God for being great and powerful. He praised God for keeping His agreement of love. Then, Nehemiah praised God again for His great power and for rescuing the people of Israel.
Nehemiah praised God first. That’s amazing! When you pray, do you start by unloading your problems and burdens to God? Or, do you start by praising Him?
I encourage you to begin your prayers by praising God. There is much to praise Him for!