Praise God!

Verse 8 of our Bible Reading tells us that God is loving, merciful, patient and full of love. Verse 11 says that God’s love is “as high above us as heaven is above the earth.” God’s love is wonderful! We should never doubt His love. Praise God for His love and mercy!
When my children were young, sometimes they became frustrated. They tried to do something, but they did not know how to do it. Even when they got upset, I still loved them. So I would guide them and show them what to do.
But sometimes my children would not pay attention to my instructions. Then their problem became worse. Again, I would guide them with patience and love.
We become frustrated in life, too. And often we do not pay attention to God’s guidance in the Bible. But God still loves us and is patient.
Think about your life. Remember that God is loving and patient. Then praise Him for the way He takes care of you!