Praise God

There are many problems in the world today – famine, war, murder, sickness and drugs. Most of the time, the news reporters focus on the problems in the world. They do not talk about the good things that happen. But we should think about the good things that happen. Then we should praise God for these good things.
Verse 1 of our Bible Reading says, “Praise the Lord, all you nations. Praise the Lord all you people.” We should praise God, no matter what bad things are happening in the world. But how can we praise God when people are being murdered and wars are going on? We can praise God because we know that someday all the bad things will end.
God loves us, and He has made a new place where His followers can live forever. This place is called heaven. In heaven, there will be no war, murder, pain or sin. Heaven will be filled with peace, joy and love.
Take time to tell someone about Jesus today.