Praise Him!

I left home on a sunny day to run some errands. When I finished my list of errands, I started for home. In the distance I could see dark clouds. As I drove on, the sky became totally black. When I was about halfway home, the storm hit. It did not start with just a few sprinkles. The wind and rain happened all at once.

As I continued driving, I started to pray. It was raining so hard that I could not see the road well. Finally I saw a driveway and pulled off of the road. The wind rocked my car, and it started hailing, so I prayed even harder. Then suddenly I stopped crying out for help. Instead, I started praising God and thanking Him for helping me find the driveway and keeping me safe.

The word “praise” is used 18 times in Psalm 148. The writer of this psalm listed many things that he could praise God for. Psalm 148:13 talks about praising and honoring God. “Praise the Lord’s name forever! Honor his name forever! His name is greater than any other. He is more glorious than heaven and earth.”

Maybe you will face some difficult situations today, and you will ask God to help you. Don’t forget to praise Him and thank Him for His help and guidance.