Praise His Name

I live in the state of Wisconsin. My son lives in Texas. Recently my son and grandson came to visit me. We took them to a museum in Milwaukee. There we saw many exhibits that showed God’s creation. We saw tiny ants, huge whales and other animals. We learned about the solar system and about lakes, rivers, mountains and prairies.
Probably many people who saw the exhibits don’t believe that God made those things. But Psalm 148 tells us that God made all those things. Verses 8-10 say, “God made the fire and hail, the snow and smoke, and all the stormy winds. God made the mountains and hills, the fruit trees and cedar trees. God made all the wild animals and cattle, the reptiles and birds.”
Every day we can see things around us that God made. When my family and I left the museum, we praised and thanked God for all the wonderful things He made. Take time to praise and thank God today!