Praise the Lord (2)

Yesterday we talked about praising God. Verse 1 of our Bible Reading tells us to “shout praises to the Rock who saves us.”
“Rock” is another name for God that reminds us He is all-powerful.
God always pays attention to our praises. It does not matter if we use our voices or our hands. It does not matter if we sing or sign well. My father did not sing well. But he really enjoyed singing songs of praise to God. God paid attention to his praise, not his unskilled voice.
Verse 6 tells us another way we can praise God. “Come, let us bow down and worship him! Let us kneel before the Lord who made us.” We should be humble when we worship and praise God. Verse 7 reminds us that we are God’s people and that He takes care of us. That is the reason to give Him our praise.
Think about all the wonderful things God has done for you. Talk to God and praise Him today.