In the summertime, I wake up in the morning and hear birds chirping. First, I hear one “early bird.” Then many other birds join in. It seems like they are praising God for a new day.
These birds remind me of an old hymn, “Holy, Holy, Holy.” One line in the song says, “Early in the morning, our songs shall rise to Thee.”
Our Bible Reading today encourages us to sing and be happy as we serve God. Verse 4 talks about songs of thanks and praise. When we thank and praise God, we bring honor to Him. Also, praising God gives us spiritual comfort and encouragement.
Think about what you did this morning when you got out of bed. Did you grumble and complain because you had to get up? Or did you take time to thank and praise God for the beautiful new day? Ask God to help you start each day with thanks and praise.