Praising God

Psalm 8 was written by David. When David was young, he took care of sheep. As I read this psalm, I can imagine David lying on a hillside, watching the sheep. Maybe he looked at the night sky and saw the moon and the stars. Maybe David thought about all the animals, birds and fish that God created.
David begins this psalm by praising God. Then in verse 2 he says that even children and babies praise God. In verse 3 David wonders why people are so important to God. David is amazed that God made people “almost like gods and crowned them with glory and honor” (verse 5). David ends his psalm by once again praising God.
We can look at the same moon and stars that David looked at. And we can notice all the things that God has created here on earth. We, too, should praise God for everything He has created. Praise God today!