Praising God

Jesus began His example prayer in Matthew, chapter 6, by praising God. We can read other prayers in both the Old and New Testaments. Many of these prayers start with words of praise to God.
When we pray, it is good to begin our prayer by praising God. We can praise God by thanking Him for all the wonderful things He has done. We can think about the ways God has answered our prayers in the past. We can also think about things God has given to us. Sometimes we experience hard times or problems. But God is always giving us good things, too. It is good to thank God for these things.
We can also tell God how wonderful and amazing He is. God is truly awesome. He deserves to be praised! Nobody else in the universe is as powerful or amazing as God. Nobody else deserves praise the way God does.
When we humble ourselves and praise and thank God, we have the right attitude for praying. Also, a right attitude helps us grow closer to God.