Pray and Believe

King Herod wanted to destroy the church. So Herod killed James and put Peter in prison. Our Bible verses tell us that “Peter was kept in jail, but the church was constantly praying to God for him” (verse 5).
God freed Peter from jail. Then Peter went to a house where people were praying for him. Peter knocked on a door, and a servant girl answered it. She was so excited that she didn’t even open the door for Peter. She ran inside and told the other people that Peter was at the door. Do you know how these praying people responded? They said (verse 15), “You are crazy!”
These people were praying that God would free Peter from jail. And when God answered their prayer, they didn’t believe it! Sometimes I am like that. I pray about a family problem. Then I am surprised when God answers my prayer and solves the problem.
Keep on praying every day! And believe that God will answer your prayers. Then thank Him and praise Him.