Pray Continually

You may remember that the book of Nehemiah begins with a prayer in chapter 1. However, that prayer is not the ONLY prayer in this book!
The prayer in chapter 1 is the first of twelve different prayers recorded in Nehemiah. Nehemiah was truly a man of prayer. The first chapter of Nehemiah begins with a prayer in Persia and closes with a prayer in Jerusalem. No matter where Nehemiah was, he spent time in prayer.
Nehemiah prayed for different reasons. He had prayers of anguish, joy and protection. Nehemiah asked God to protect him and the Israelites. He prayed for God to help him depend on Him. Nehemiah showed God that he depended on Him. And Nehemiah prayed that he would remain committed to God.
Prayer is one of the themes of the book of Nehemiah, and it is the secret to Nehemiah’s success. Nehemiah depended on prayer. He was committed to praying all the time. Through the power of prayer, God can work through you, mold you, help you overcome your challenges and help you rebuild your life.