Pray First!

The walls of Jerusalem had been broken down and burned. This was terrible! Walls were a very important defense for cities in ancient times. Cities without walls were considered weak and unimportant. Enemies could easily defeat and overtake them. Jerusalem was God’s chosen city. Jerusalem without walls was a disgrace to God.
Nehemiah was concerned for Jerusalem. Even though Nehemiah was 900 miles away in Persia, he prayed for Jerusalem. Nehemiah didn’t just pray a short prayer. He actually prayed for four months! He also fasted for several days.
Nehemiah wanted to honor God and help Jerusalem become a great and powerful city again. Nehemiah didn’t immediately go to Jerusalem and begin working on the walls. First, he spent time in prayer. Through prayer, Nehemiah depended on God to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.
Are you facing problems in your life now? What will you do? Be like Nehemiah and spend time in prayer first.