Pray for Someone

Recently I saw a drama about the life of Jesus. This play showed the life of Jesus on earth – from His birth until He returned to heaven. It was a very emotional drama.
I especially enjoyed that play. Why? Because a young man named Vaughn watched that drama, too. For many years Vaughn had problems with drugs and other addictions. He struggled to overcome these problems. During these years I prayed for Vaughn. I prayed that he would give His life to Jesus and find a new way of living.
The night of that play, Vaughn accepted Jesus as his Savior. Afterwards I talked with Vaughn. I told him about the many years that I had prayed for him. Vaughn looked so happy and contented! I was happy, too, to know that Vaughn was a member of God’s family.
In our Bible Reading, Paul told the Christians in Colossae that he was praying for them. Paul wanted these people to “live in a way that brings honor to the Lord and pleases him in every way” (verse 10b). I hope that you will remember to pray for someone today who needs to follow Jesus.