Pray for Your Friends

In verse 9 today, Paul told his friends in Rome, “Every time I pray, I always remember you. God knows this is true. He is the one I serve with all my heart by telling people the Good News about his Son.” Paul knew it was important to pray for his friends.
It is important that we pray for our friends, too. But what should we say when we pray for a friend? If we have a friend who is not a Christian, we should pray that they will believe and obey Jesus.
When we pray for Christian friends, we should pray that God will protect them from the devil. We should ask God to use our friends to do His work. And we should pray that our friends make wise decisions and have patience to wait for God’s answers. Also, we can ask God to give our friends strength to face their problems.
Maybe you can make a list of your friends today. Write down things that you can pray about for each person. Use this list to help you to remember to pray for them every day.