Prayer (5)

My husband was a volunteer firefighter. He was killed while fighting a fire. After his death, there were all kinds of people around me — family, friends, other firefighters and the media. Yet I felt that I was alone in my sorrow.
After my husband’s funeral, we had to drive a long way to the place where he was to be buried. But first the procession stopped at the Department Fire Station. When I entered the station, I felt that I had to get away and be alone. So I found a small empty room.
I went into the room, sat down and prayed. The room was empty, but God filled that room with His presence. God filled me with the peace and strength I needed for the rest of the day.
In verse 12 of our Bible Reading, God said, “…you people will call my name. You will come to me and pray to me. And I will listen to you.” That is what happened in that small room. I prayed and God listened to me.
What is happening in your life today? Don’t forget to make time to talk with God!