Prayer (6)

I know a missionary family who is working in a foreign country. The government in that country does not like Christians. Therefore these missionaries must be very careful how they tell people about Jesus. Every day I pray for these missionaries — for their safety, their needs and their ministry.
One day my missionary friends had to travel through a very dangerous area. Later I learned that they were involved in an accident while they were traveling. But they were not hurt, and some people were right there to help them. God answered my prayer and kept the missionaries safe.
In our Bible Reading, Paul said that he prayed for the Christians in Thessalonica — just like I pray for my missionary friends. Verse 3 says, “When we pray to God our Father we always thank him for the things you have done because of your faith.”
I encourage you to pray for missionaries that you know. Ask God to protect them and help them as they share the Good News about Jesus.