If we want to have victory in Jesus, we must have a close relationship with God through prayer. We can talk to God about whatever is happening in our lives — our relationships, daily needs, jobs, finances and feelings.
Our Bible Reading today tells us some things we should pray about: our daily food (verse 11), forgiveness (verse 12) and protection from temptation (verse 13). Other Bible verses tell us other things to pray about. James 1:5 tells us to pray for wisdom, and James 5:13 says that we should pray when we are in trouble. In Ephesians 1:17-19 we learn that we should pray that we will be able to understand things about God.
Prayer is not just sharing a list of requests with God. It is also a time of worship and praise. I hope that you will take time to talk to God today. Share your thoughts and feelings with Him. God will bless you and show you what is best for your life.