Prayer is Powerful

When my son, Michael, was young, he was very active. By the time he was three years old, he had fallen several times. Three times Michael needed stitches to help his wounds heal.
I know that prayer is very powerful. So I decided that I should pray and ask God to protect Michael. As Michael grew up, I could see that God was protecting him.
Our Bible Reading today talks about God protecting His followers. Verse 14 says, “The Lord says, ‘If a person trusts me, I will save him. I will protect my followers who worship my name.'”
This verse is a wonderful promise from God! But this does not mean that we will never have anything bad happen to us. The book of Job reminds us that sometimes God allows bad things to happen to His followers. We should always remember that God knows what is best for us.
Pray to God and ask Him to protect you and your family today. Then depend on God to do what is best for you.