Prayer Life

My husband takes care of the finances in our family. He pays the bills and balances our checkbook. One time I asked him what was the hardest part of taking care of our finances. He said that the hardest part is making sure that he takes care of things every day. If he gets behind, it is hard to catch up.
Prayer is the way that we communicate with God. So it is important that we pray every day. But sometimes we get busy and we don’t pray as often as we should. When I neglect to pray every day, my life suffers. I begin to think that I can do things by myself and I don’t need to depend on God.
In our Bible verse for today, Paul gives us good advice about prayer. We have the freedom to pray anywhere or anytime. We can tell God how we feel and ask Him for what we need. But, we should not give up praying. Prayer should be a very important part of our day.
Don’t neglect your prayer life today. Spend some time talking with your Heavenly Father!