Many people pray and ask God for special things. If God does not give them what they want, they become upset with Him.
I have heard about people asking for strange things. One man prayed for a million dollar check to arrive in the mail. Another person prayed that he would wake up in the morning and find a new car in his driveway. These people were angry that God did not answer their prayers like they wanted. God is not like a candy machine where you put in money and receive the candy bar that you want.
But God is loving and kind. He knows what is best for us, and He will answer our prayers according to His will. In our Bible Reading, Paul talks about praying and asking God to remove a “painful problem.” But God did not remove Paul’s problem. Instead, God gave Paul grace to help him cope with the problem.
Remember that God will answer your prayers. His answers are always the best. Depend on God’s answers today.