Praying for Others

Recently in my Bible study, we talked about prayer. Someone asked, “How do we pray for someone when we don’t know them or we don’t know their problems?”
If you don’t know a person, you can still pray for them. If they are a Christian, then you can pray that God will show them His will for their life. If the person is not a Christian, you can pray that they will pay attention to the Good News about Jesus and accept Him as their Savior.
In verse 11 of our Bible Reading, Paul explained how he, Silas and Timothy prayed for the Christians in Thessalonica. “We ask our God to help you live the good way that he called you to live. The goodness you have makes you want to do good. And the faith you have makes you work. We pray that with his power God will help you do these things more and more.”
Praying for others is a privilege and a responsibility. But we do not need to know details about the people for whom we pray. God knows the people we pray for, and we need to trust Him to take care of them.