Praying Guards

In our Bible Reading, God said in verse 6, “Jerusalem, I put guards (prophets) on your walls. Those guards will not be silent. They will keep praying day and night. Guards, you must keep praying to the Lord. You must make him remember his promise. Don’t ever stop praying.”
Guards are posted to watch a building, people or valuables. A guard must never be distracted or fall asleep. The guards that God talked about in these verses were His prophets. But these men did not use weapons. Instead, they prayed and asked God to bless and protect His people.
My son was in junior high when some high school students from another state were killed by a gunman. Later some students in my son’s school started making threats against students who were Christians. I found out that threats had been made against my son. As soon as I learned that my son was in danger, I started praying for him every day while he was in school. I continued doing this for many years.
Be a praying guard and pray for your family today. Ask God to protect and guide them.