My husband dug up a small piece of ground in our backyard. He worked the soil for two years. Then he planted several tomato plants.
When the plants had ripe tomatoes on them, I picked some. I boiled the tomatoes to remove the skins. Then I made tomato soup for our lunch. I worked all morning to prepare the soup and it was all gone in 20 minutes!
What we do on earth is our preparation for eternity. If we love and follow God, then we are preparing to live forever with Him. But if we refuse to follow God, then we are preparing for an eternity of separation from God.
Our Bible Reading today gives us a description of the place where Christians will spend eternity with God. “Only the people whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life will enter the city” (verse 27b). That will be so wonderful!
Start preparing today to live with God forever.