There was a time when I was too proud to admit that I needed to wear glasses. I tried to read a book by squinting at the words and holding the book at arm’s length. Finally I admitted that I needed reading glasses.
Our Bible Reading today is about a man named Namaan. Namaan had leprosy (a terrible skin disease). At that time, there was no way to cure leprosy. Many people died from the disease. But Namaan went to the prophet, Elisha. Elisha told Namaan to wash in the Jordan River seven times so he would be healed.
But Namaan was full of pride. He wanted Elisha to call on God and wave his hand over Namaan’s body to heal him. Namaan did not want to wash in the dirty Jordan River. He became angry and wanted to go home. But Namaan’s servants convinced him to be humble and wash in the river. When Namaan obeyed, he was healed.
If we are proud, we will miss some of God’s blessings. Namaan had to forget his pride and obey Elisha. Sometimes we need to do that, too. Be humble and obey God today.