Recently I was released from prison. While I was in prison, I realized how important my friends are. Many of the other prisoners had visits from family and friends. And, I had many friends visit me, too. But some men never had anyone visit them. That was sad. These men were very discouraged and lonely.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus told a story about a king and his father. The king in this story is Jesus, and the father is God. The king judged people according to what they had done. The people who did the right things were given great blessings. They lived forever with the king and his father. But the people who did not do the right things were sent away. They were punished forever.
The right things the king talked about were feeding hungry people, giving water to a thirsty person, taking care of strangers, giving clothes to needy people, taking care of sick people, and visiting prisoners.
Do you know someone who is in prison? Write them a letter or go visit them. Share God’s love with them today.