Today?s Bible Reading is a psalm (song) written by David. In this psalm, David listed his many problems. His enemies said bad things about him and attacked him (verse 3). People lied and cheated (verse 11). Even David?s friends caused problems for him (verse 13).
Finally David said he wished he could run away from his troubles. ?Oh, I wish I had wings like a dove. I would fly away and find a place to rest. I would go far, far away into the desert? (verses 6-7).
By the end of the psalm, David decided to let God take care of his problems. In verse 23, David said, ?Give your worries to the Lord, and he will care for you. The Lord will never let good people be defeated.?
I have struggled with problems for years. When I had a problem, I asked God to accept my solution. Then I learned an important lesson. I learned that I should just give my problem to God and let Him decide the solution.
Give your problems to God today. You will be surprised at how God will solve them!